• Punitha K. Pleasanton, CA.

Both my daughters went to this preschool. Ms.Shilpa is very caring and loving. The children loved to go to school as they enjoyed their time there. They always liked all the teachers in the school.
When my second daughter was born, Ms. Shilpa prepared my elder daughter to understand how important it was to add a new baby sister to our family. That helped a lot as they both get along well. Now my younger daughter is still with Ms.Shilpa. She is learning more about sharing from her teacher. She has a lot of interest in reading books/writing and the teachers are helping and encouraging. We can visibly see the progress she has made since joining the school.
My elder daughter is in Kindergarten now and her teacher credited her for being so caring.
It is very good for place for kids to learn, grow and socialize.

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